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    Undertaking a complex, time-consuming renovation project is fraught with risk. Ever heard the renovation horror stories where the architect didn’t stick to the client’s initial brief or the project ran $250,000 over budget and was eventually delivered eight months late?

    These scenarios frequently arise through a lack of overall project oversight, thorough risk assessment and the responsibility for various project elements being dispersed amongst various consultants on that job. Similarly, complex projects can go awry if the owner believes that they have both the time and expertise to undertake that role on top of their existing busy professional and personal lives.

    Think of hiring All In Project Management as a safety net for a multitude of unknown risks that may occur throughout a complex and expensive process.

  • Architects

    Developing a project delivery plan and administering it is time consuming, represents the lowest margin of your overall fee and carries a significant degree of risk. Client briefs are cleaner and simpler, there’s no creative interference from the project manager and the time-intensive elements of contract administration are simply taken away.

    All In Project Management doesn’t seek to supplant any part of your design or documentation responsibilities. Nor does it set out to interfere with clarification around buildability issues and the critical interaction between designer and builder throughout construction.

    The service simply looks to improve client certainty and brief quality, effectively manages the proposal through Council, and absorbs the time-intensive elements of tendering, contract administration and progress/variation claims.

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    Are your clients frequently altering the scope of your projects, resulting in extensive time and cost variations? Are you dealing with an architect who is a terrific designer but not a specialist in contract administration and perhaps slowing you from finishing the project and getting to your next job quicker?

    Identifying potential project risks and establishing strategies to address them in a collaborative manner prior to commencement is a key principle of All In Project Management. Being able to deal regularly with a fellow construction professional who can agree issues, solutions, variations and progress claims in a timely manner is another.

    All In Project Management seeks to develop relationships with builders who enjoy an efficient and transparent tender process and the benefit of communicating with their clients through an efficient and professional channel by referring future jobs to you when tendering future house extensions or new builds.

  • Residential Sales Agent

    Selling a house in a phenomenal location but which is crying out for updating, extending or knocking down and rebuilding?

    All In Project Management is able to complement the quality of your service by providing obligation-free consultations to prospective buyers during your sales campaign for the benefit of you and your vendor. A detailed knowledge of the likely scope, process, development possibilities and potential issues is far more likely to give bidders the additional knowledge and confidence required to compete strongly at auction or in a private treaty scenario.

    Further, a complimentary post-settlement meeting is offered to the successful purchaser in order to identify and help realise their specific renovation, extension or rebuilding ambitions.

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    Residential Buyer's Agent

    The buyer’s agency profession is no longer an emerging service proposition. Seeking to match a detailed buyer requirement with the appropriate stock is a specialised and highly tailored service.

    As a buyer’s agent, your client’s preferred block size and a house’s structural elements might match their brief, but the number of bedrooms or interior layout might not. Without getting in your way, All In Project Management is able to complement your service offering by making an immediate assessment of a house’s overall capacity and suitability for future extension or renovation.

    Improve the quality of the service you provide your clients by working with a dedicated project manager to find the most appropriate future project for their budget and requirements.