All In Project Management takes the large-scale concept of corporate and commercial client-side project delivery and boils it down to a very granular, human-scale service. You’ve a house or small development opportunity that you want to adapt, rebuild or develop, but you either don’t have the time or the expertise to manage every single element of what is a complex, time-consuming and risky exercise stretched over a couple of years.

There are several key points at which you may choose to collaborate with a project delivery expert;

  • Right at the front end of conception – what can you do with the house/lot, and how to find the right architect and hire them in a cost-effective manner;
  • Planning and approvals – you need confidence that your plans are going to be approved by collaborating with an ex-town planner; or
  • You’ve got consent and want to plan for the build – you want an experienced construction professional to find and contract with the right builder ahead of contract administration throughout the build.

Any combination of the broad service offerings outlined below is available regardless of your particular capacity for time, money and expertise.

Scoping and Feasibility

One of the biggest issues with substantial residential projects is the confusion in a landowner’s mind between their needs, their wants, what’s possible from a planning perspective and their financial capacity to achieve any or all of the above. Having an objective, experienced third party who can assist in the separation of critical project elements from the merely desirable, as well as creating expectations around buildability, time and cost, can be invaluable in the early project planning stages.

Being familiar with the application of the planning controls associated with various Sydney Councils, All In Project Management is able to quickly ascertain the viability and potential issues associated with an early client brief and project outline. Being able to potentially alter the scope of the project in either direction early in the process comes back to the philosophy of creating and meeting client expectations prior to expensive changes being required later in the project.

Planning and Approvals

A significant part of the uncertainty and risk associated with homeowners taking on a significant project themselves is balancing their ambitions and the chances of obtaining substantially the same development consent they applied for. Planning requirements differ between Local Government Authorities, neighbours can be notoriously hostile and plenty of time and money can be wasted chasing a development consent that was unlikely to ever be achievable.

All In Project Management’s background in high-end residential development assessments at Woollahra Council allows a unique perspective on addressing the issues associated with obtaining these approvals. An over-riding philosophy of having sensitivity and respect for Council’s perspective and process, coupled with completeness in the necessary documentation submitted for assessment, will maximise the chances of obtaining development consent.

Construction Contract Administration

This is perceived as perhaps the driest part of a renovation or rebuild, but is in fact one of the most financially critical. Architects can view this part of the job as one furthest from their core disciplines of design and documentations, and one that shows them the lowest margin. Builders are inherently commercial beasts, and it’s hardly a revelation to acknowledge that some can take an overtly commercial view on the existence and scale of a proposed variation during a project.

All In Project Management can administer your construction contract as part of a wider service involving prior feasibility and approvals, or can simply come on board after a contract with a builder has been signed and you simply need to ensure that all elements of the contract are being observed throughout the project.

Tasks within contact administration include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Identifying an appropriate shortlist of builders to tender for the project based on due diligence including known capability, local track record, price, quality and availability;
  • Undertake a substantial, up-front risk workshop between the owner, architect, project manager and builder to identify and address each of the known project risks prior to the signing of the contract. This is one of the most critical elements of the contract administration, indeed the entire project management, process;
  • Negotiate a delivery program, communication and meeting methodology and timing schedule;
  • Review and approve progress payment claims;
  • Coordinate project completion and defect rectification, project handover and statutory requirements post-completion.