• Why do I need a project manager? Isn't it just another fee that I could otherwise save?

    Ask yourself questions relating to whether you have the time and expertise to manage your own project – are you able to control the cost and delivery program? Are you going to select the cheapest builder or the one who’s going to give you the best result? Is project management your architect’s prime focus, or does it represent a departure from their primary design and documentation role? Is your architect a certified project manager, or an excellent creative designer? Why not hire a professional who is neither responsible for designing or building your project, but rather for bringing together each of the complex elements and managing the entire project through to completion? You wouldn’t laser your own eyes, pull your own teeth or represent yourself in court, would you?
  • What are your fees based on?

    All In Project Management’s fee is based upon a detailed understanding of client needs and wants in relation to the total service required. Variable elements within this include the calculated initial cost of work, the complexity of the build, the estimated length of time from start to finish and the number of individual service elements required by the client (ie to nominate and bring your own architect or builder would reduce the project management scope, which would in turn reduce the project management fee, although this may bring other risks). Based upon the size of projects generally targeted by All In Project Management, the fee would likely fall between 3% and 6% as a proportion of overall project cost. It is typical, however, that the avoidance of project delays and reduced construction costs save the homeowner a far greater sum than whatever the project management fee may be.
  • Do you only service projects based in Sydney?

    Sydney’s harbourside, coastal and inner city suburbs are those typically served by All In Project Management. However, a client requiring service from elsewhere within the metropolitan area would of course be serviced. Regionally, the service is also available, with travel time and cost elements being reflected in the proposed fee. Further, the Principal is originally from the Far North Coast of NSW, so Byron Bay and hinterland projects are welcome on the basis of familiarity with the market.
  • Are you able to work with my nominated architect or builder?

    Absolutely. If you’re comfortable with your chosen architect and they are happy to allow your project manager to ease the administrative burden upon them, then that saves having to procure an architect from scratch and your project is already underway.
  • Can I take responsibility for elements of the project myself?

    Absolutely. Clients come with a wide spread of experience, expertise and appetite for risk. An underlying philosophy of All In Project Management is that clients are free to pick and choose the service elements they need. Already done all the lead-up work prior to construction commencement and need only contract administration? No problem. Don’t know where to start and need a complete service solution? That’s fine as well.
  • I've run into trouble on an existing project – will you come and sort it out?

    Troubleshooting is also part of the service, and taking on a partly completed project that has run off the rails is naturally available as an option.