May 2016 – All In Project Management Projects Update

With a number of significant residential projects at various stages of completion, I thought it appropriate to post a short summary of each project currently underway to give readers a practical insight into what sort of projects are typically handled by All In Project Management.


104 Gale Road Maroubra

5 apartments over a new basement garage

This house in Maroubra was recently (2012) rezoned from low density to medium density, permitting residential apartments on the site. I’ve managed the architect procurement, overseen the design and lodgement process and expect a development consent in mid-June 2016 that will allow me to procure a builder to construct five residential apartments over a basement garage where the house currently stands. We are shortly to receive development consent from Randwick Council and will then be managing construction documentation, the tender process and the construction certificate.

Project Budget: $2.4m


60a Ponsonby Parade Seaforth

Substantial alterations and additions to a 1960s dwelling, including a first floor addition

The new owners of the house are busy executives who have recently purchased their house in Seaforth. I acted for them in a consulting basis prior to auction regarding what they could do with the house, and have since developed a detailed Brief, procured a suitable architect on the back of that Brief and we are in early stages of design development.

Project Budget: $850,000


Surfside Avenue Clovelly

Development of four adjacent, subterranean double garages

I’m currently managing the design and approval of four adjacent subterranean double garages beneath four adjacent properties on Surfside Avenue in Clovelly. We are close to obtaining development consent from Council, at which point each of the four homeowners will consider their position regarding timing of garage construction.

Project Budget: $3,200,000


94 Hastings Parade North Bondi

Development of two new semi-detached dwellings

The owner of the existing dwelling at 94 Hastings Parade appointed me to oversee the conception, design, approval and construction of a pair of semi-detached dwelling on the site. This will enable he and his wife to downsize into one house and his daughter, son-in-law and their two sons to move into the other dwelling for a complete extended family scenario that maximises the value of the land only 250m from the beach at North Bondi. We are about to go to tender for the construction of the development.

Project Budget: $1,450,000


8 and 10 Forest Street Forest Lodge

Development of two adjacent dual occupancy dwellings

The owner two existing, adjacent terraces was not convinced of her architect’s capacity to deliver on this approved development, so invited me in to muster the appropriate mix of consultants for the Construction Certificate, run the tender process, let the contract and then administer it over the resulting 16 months.

Just appointed, I am in the process of assembling the consultant team.

Project Budget: $1,200,000